General paediatric checkups

There are different stages for paediatric checkups. Paediatric checkups should happen at two weeks, two to fifteen months and then from two to five years of age. At these consultations, Dr Vahed evaluates your child’s developmental milestones and provides guidance for immunisations.

It's also an excellent time to discuss any concerns you may have about your child's overall health and behaviour with your paediatrician. If you’re concerned about a developmental delay, Dr Vahed will pick up any signs of slow development through a neurological exam.

Your paediatrician schedules regular appointments to discuss your baby’s feeding habits and addresses any concerns you may have about vaccines, behavioural habits, growth and neurological development.

Generally, at each child-wellness consultation, Dr Vahed discusses immunisations and performs a full physical exam to check your child's blood sugar, pressure, heart rate and breathing. She also prescribes medication to resolve paediatric illnesses.

By the time your child turns five, he or she will be able to perform a few duties independently. At this stage, however, parents need to pay more attention to the child’s diet and vitamin intake. Your child requires a regular dose of vitamin D and calcium. Also, fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and organic cereals need to be incorporated into your child’s diet plan.

What can parents do to facilitate their child's health and wellness?

The initial two years of life are critical stages for the growth of your child's brain. Excessive screen time affects the development of your child's brain. It's essential to reduce screen time, particularly before bedtime. At this stage, it’s vital to introduce new vocabulary through reading, writing and telling stories.

Exercise is a vital aspect to implement in your child’s wellness programme as it maintains healthy bones, joints and muscles. Children should enrol in extramural activities that they enjoy instead of wasting valuable time behind a screen or watching TV.

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