Well-baby checkups & routine checkups


Well-baby checkups & routine checkups

Whether it’s the first delivery or not, caring for a newborn can be stressful. Well-baby checkups exist to put the mother’s mind at ease. There are specific age markers for your child to receive well-baby checkups.

What happens at well-baby checkups?

At these consultations, your paediatrician assesses the overall health and development of your child. She also addresses any concerns parents may have about the growth of their baby, including any feeding concerns. A well-baby checkup happens from day three to seven after the delivery, and at these consultations, Dr Vahed weighs your baby and checks for signs of skin discolouration like jaundice. She also discusses feeding tips, diet, dental care and sleeping patterns and screens for post-natal anxiety with first-time mothers.

Dr Vahed is a breastfeeding advocate and can assist moms with issues regarding milk supply and latching as well as a diet that moms can use to increase breastmilk supply. If a mom chooses to formula feed, Dr Vahed can assist with types to use and what to watch out for like inconsistencies in stool texture. Watery, yellow, seedy stools are common in babies who are breastfed. Babies who are fed formula may even struggle to pass stools, and in some instances, stools may be too soft.

It's also vital to pay attention to your baby's dental care up until the age of three when you can commence regular dental cleanings. In the meantime, it helps to gently wash your baby's mouth with a soft toothbrush or sterile cloth.

Vaccinations are also vital at this point. Your baby requires immunisations for hepatitis B, tetanus, OPV (poliovirus), influenza and rotavirus. Dr Vahed will guide you with immunisations at every stage for your baby as well as routine well-baby checkups in the future.

For the time being, your baby needs plenty of skin-to-skin contact. Cradle and bond with the newborn as often as you can. Talk to your child as much as possible to solidify your relationship with them.

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