Neurodevelopment checkups


Paediatric neurodevelopment checkups

Neurodevelopment is the infrastructure of neurological pathways that leads to healthy brain function. How a child focuses, learns, memorises and interacts with others contributes to the neurodevelopment of the brain. Neurodevelopment aims to identify neurological deficits and strengthen the learning process.

Neurological deficits are characterised by a spectrum of neurological conditions such as developmental delay, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), epilepsy and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Trauma, vitamin deficiencies, genetics and social isolation, are factors that increase the risk of neurological disorders.

Dr Vahed is trained in the evaluation and management of children with neurological conditions. For each of her patients, she formulates a comprehensive developmental profile that highlights cognitive abilities, social skills, language, speech and functional skills. Dr Vahed works closely with the child’s social circle, particularly his or her parents, teachers, speech therapists and clinical psychologists to conclude an accurate diagnosis. She assesses behavioural issues, motor coordination problems, developmental delay, language disorders and speech impairment.

For a thorough evaluation, parents must bring previous academic reports as well as speech and psychological assessments. Dr Vahed ensures her patients are comfortable before she commences neurodevelopment checkups.

The assessment process entails a detailed examination of the child, which includes medical concerns. Your paediatrician uses clinical psychology, speech and language as well as occupational therapy reports as resources to diagnose a developmental delay.

Feedback occurs in stages, and Dr Vahed always keeps parents informed about their child’s status. In the case of a diagnosis of epilepsy or ADHD, Dr Vahed will advise parents on medications and coping strategies to help manage these conditions. In some instances, your paediatrician will have to carry out additional diagnostic tests such as MRIs, EEG scans and blood tests to confirm a diagnosis. Even after the completion of diagnostic testing and assessments, Dr Vahed schedules routine checkups to evaluate your child’s condition after treatment.

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