General paediatrician


General paediatrics

Dr Vahed is a specialist general paediatrician who manages a spectrum of health conditions in children. She diagnoses and treats allergies, skin conditions, developmental delays and respiratory disorders in children.

At well-child consultations, Dr Vahed performs physical examinations, advises on immunisations and ensures children reach growth milestones with ease. She provides comprehensive care and education on paediatric illnesses and the development of children.

Why’s it so important to vaccinate children?

Immunisation is one of the most crucial elements of child care. Vaccinations fight against infectious diseases in children and boost their immunity. Though babies receive antibodies from breast milk and proteins which help combat disease before birth, the antibodies the baby receives from their mother is temporary. Immunisation works in such a way that it uses the genetic makeup of weakened germs to protect the body against disease.

What vaccinations should children receive?

The expanded programme on immunisation in South Africa (EPI) is the most comprehensive one in developing countries, and all children have the benefit of being protected from many life-threatening infections. There are also a number of additional vaccines or combinations available in the private sector, and more than one schedule is therefore possible.

Why are well-child check-ups so vital?

Well-child check-ups must happen after every year up until the child turns five. Diet, dental care, cognitive development, discipline and exercise are essential at this stage. If you suspect your child has a neurological impairment, Dr Vahed checks for signs of developmental delays. At five years of age, your child's coordination will have improved, and he or she will be more self-sufficient in terms of getting dressed or brushing their teeth. Be sure to assess your child's teeth, particularly their molars. Nutritious food is a significant part of your child's health and wellness. Dr Vahed suggests healthy cereals, snacks, fruit, yoghurt, vitamins and minerals that will improve your child’s performance in academics and extra murals.

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