Delivery attendance


Childbirth delivery attendance

There are various birthing options to consider. Whatever birthing plan you choose, be it natural birth or caesarean section, your paediatrician will be by your side to assist with the care of your baby. You can discuss your birthing options with your chosen Obstetrician.

Dr Vahed is aware of a high-risk pregnancy before delivery and works together with your Obstetrician. She familiarises herself with the mother and any other related complications to prepare for neonatal emergency care. After birth, the paediatric team remains on standby to evaluate the baby’s overall health, head circumference, weight, skin colour and Apgar score.

Dr Vahed addresses any concerns mothers have at antenatal visits and prioritises each delivery. She can assist with how to prepare for your special baby. She talks about milestones children in their first year should reach and answers questions that are related to feeding and general baby care.

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